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Nassima Mustafa is a student at the AINA Afghan Media Center in Kabul.
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A Malalai Maternity Hospital
Malalai Maternity hospital is situated in the centre of Kabul. It is really necessary for the women living in Kabul. When the hospital was built, the population in Kabul was less large than today. Due to this the hospital has not enough capacity to take care of the patients any more. There is a lack of electricity, medicines, space etc, and because of the poor general conditions it is hard to maintain the hygiene. (more . . . )
Posted By: nassima   May 17th, 2003 3:10 AM

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www.kabul-reconstructions.net is an online discussion forum, information resource, and medium for the communication of questions and answers about the reconstruction between people inside and outside the city of Kabul itself.

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